Comments about the show

"I have to admit I laughed my ass off so hard I cried. I loved the high energy and fearless performances of the entire cast. And the music - I loved the music."

Steve S.

"I was still laughing the next day"

Julie S.

"So much fun, I can't quit going on about it ... [Jen Maren] was amazing."

Chris M.

"It was the best [show] I've ever, ever seen."

Richard N.

“Great show! I had a blast -- thought the musical numbers were especially strong (chinchilla, chinchilla)…very, very funny…[Nick Knudson] is AWESOME.”

Jeff C.

"That was some funny s#!t. F@*#!&g funny."

Jamie A.

“Funniest damn thing In Minneapolis”

David A.

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